Knowing WHY is like finally catching triumph. Why is so subjective and varied.

I was the one who sought u out, I was also the one who abandoned u. If u ask me why, I love u too much. You might be asking yourself a lot of questions lately. Why’s haunts us. It might be too late before we get an answer. 

This message will probably bring a number of questions to your mind. What could I possibly tell u again, when u have seen me do things u didn’t want to? Xxxx, u might not want to read this letter, hoping to continue the process of erasing all memory of me. I totally understand if u feel that way. But please hear me out. U know I have been crushed, left alone and given up numerous times.

I have seen the pain and disappointment in your face many times. Instead of love, I saw anxiety in your eyes when u were with me. I was afraid to the core, that I might lose u. You’ve done everything in your power, more than anyone could do, but maybe I would’ve overcome my fears if you had stayed longer.

Now I live a life knowing that the most important person in my life walked away. I made a mistake, a horrible one. I m sorry. I know that’s not enough…Past is just a story. I had failures, mistakes, lies and truths, I m just a human after all and so are u.

I caught hold of something very precious – you. But, I let go at that crucial moment. I don’t believe in reincarnation, I have this one life, this one chance, will you let me hold your hand again Xxxx?

Message Delivered