Everyone likes a photo shoot, to have few great pictures and couple of pics that depicts their awesomeness. Even I do. But everything has it’s limit. 

In my recent tours, ppl around me were busy taking pictures rather than truly enjoying the moment. And this made me realise that photos taken were not really to capture memories but instead to capture the perfect smile, perfect angle and upload it in social network. Few years back we captured moments that were worth saving. But now we take photos when we need a new pic for fb or whatsapp. Just to get more likes and comments in fb. We have to observe and explore, not just to look for places from where we can click great images. Instead of experiencing, we view the world through the lens of our cameras. Many started treating photos as though it’s more valuable than the moment itself. Nowadays going on a trip is like 10% vacationing and 90% taking pictures. It’s just to flaunt about it later, that we went on a tour. 

I do take photos, selfies and even edit it. I am not against taking few pictures. Social network is making ppl to get better at things that just make their timeline look nice, not their life. Everyone are busy “networking” in fb,twitter, etc. But, they have lost the sense of the term social network. This generation has very little concern abt the society. They feel that talking and sharing few posts on social issues in fb is their only duty and think that they have done their part. Ppl started valuing images greatly, thinking that they shape our identities. 

As far as I ve noticed few of the major issues that proceeds this are as follows. Retaking photos till you’re satisfied. Obsessed with accumulating photos. Self-absorption. Narcissism. I am really worried about the state of my friends and others who are suffering from this. Pictures alter our character, at least momentarily which in turn annoys others around them. 

We should start noticing the world around us and not stare at our reflection in the front camera. In this life we have more to give/take to/from the world other than pictures. 

I might be wrong about how I perceive these things, but this is how I feel and it makes sense to me. Give it a thought. YOLO.