I don’t remember when was the last time I took a break just because I was really thirsty or had to attend nature’s call. But I do know that I’m not the only one who feels the same. Almost everyone comes out just because they are bored or couldn’t put up inside for more than couple of hours. As far as my memory lane goes, it was in school days where I had to rush in, literally run in middle of classes to unleash the forces within and make my contributions as a natural fertiliser.
As I was taking a sip of water, I looked outside the window. Trust me not very often u see a picture that’s not boring. On the right corner was a pile of garbage, where couple of years back was a much visited Andhra Mess.
I noticed couple of workers brooming the area near smoking zone, that’s on the south west of tower-A. Their work was interrupted by a strong wind, as if it had implicitly reminded them who their boss is. Am sure they got frustrated and, if not breathed out, atleast thought the f-word’s Kannada counterpart.
The wind has set free lots of weaklings that were trapped in the pile. If those papers, covers, etc had thoughts they’d be glad as it was just matter of days bfor they are burnt to ash.
I’m not racist, but there was this white coloured cover that caught my attention. It rose up from the ground as if a Phoenix had been reborn from the ashes. If I need to have a pet bird, that’d be him. The reason is totally a different topic, I’ll share that later. Out of nowhere this CoverX, a name I came up with, elevated to heights no one would have speculated. In matter of seconds it had gone past our terrace/floor9, as if it had an invisible, high-speed, state-of-the-art propulsion system. And just like that it was gone with the wind. Poof. Yesterday I was watching the recent launch of SpaceX’ CR7 live while I was in bus. Unfortunately it had exploded in the mid air, and that not only brought the mission down, but also me. With CoverX making past it’s escape velocity successfully, I feel better now. It was 5 minutes already so strolled back to the place where time moves slowly.