2012 was pretty harsh on me, the main reason being I lost a close friend, and also partly bcz the much expected doomsday didn’t happen. I needed a change, a new environment, far from everything and everyone I know. So I accepted the offer to work in Bangalore from Feb 2013. 

Life was pretty simple as I was just starting a new chapter. In the middle of my ordinary life and in a mediocre fortnightly meeting, something amazing happened. I remember that day for 2 reasons – that’s when I knew there exists a sport called para-skiing and secondly, that people do trekking and para skiing as hobbies! Since that day my perspective of life changed. Until then I had 2 dreams, that too just for the sake of having. One, to celebrate Christmas in Switzerland, and the other is to witness Football world cup in Brazil.

Thousands of people cross our path, everyone has a reason, few can literally change your whole direction.

I have been influenced by few characters in movie/books and famous figures…but those are momentary and are just a feeling. In almost a quarter of a century, you are the first person to have inspired and made positive impact on me. As of today there are more than 300 wishes in my list on various categories, because of what you told that Friday. I got the confidence to follow my heart and motivation to live life to the fullest and dream big. Am not religious, but after that day I started believing that, miracles happen and life puts you in touch with the people you need to meet.

We might not be the closest of friends, but over the past 2 years, I have had many great moments with you. We are different personalities, but have so many similar interests, maybe bcoz we are Capricorn. We worked together on projects; went for breaks together; played tournament together-volleyball, badminton, cricket, paintball; Sparred with each other, trust me she can land a perfect kick to our head! And importantly, we have spent a lot of weekends together practicing on those. The feeling to have done a lot of different things together is something special.

To me Snehal is a simple girl with extraordinary dreams, who is passionate about her life and compassionate about others. She thrives on new challenges, adventures; once she commits she gives her heart and soul in it.

Strong| Naïve |Elegance |Humble |Affectionate |Loyal

Every day when I wake up, I know that you are working on your dreams, and I wouldn’t want to be left behind so I’d work on mine. Promise me that next time when u decide to trek Camp-4/the summit you ll call me, we’ll do it together. Am so proud of you, we all are and you’ll never cease to inspire me. I’m glad that you were a part of my life. “Life’s measured by the magnitude of footprint u leave on the society”. You have done a great job. Continue it. Cherish every moment. I’ll end this speech by saying “see you soon”. But honestly, I want you to “stay”.

-Farewell speech to Snehal